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FundFire with an issue date from my tenure. NB: This (lovely!) redesign is post my tenure.

From 2002-2007, I headed the daily online news site FundFire - the industry publication for money managers handling large institutional and high net worth separate accounts. My early work there entailed improving the quality of the editorial, developing the staff, and supporting the addition of an advertising line once we had succeeded in covering basic costs through increased subscription revenue.
RunningMoney was a business strategy publication for the asset management industry that I launched in 2003. The launch included naming the product (“running money” is the term money managers use to describe their industry), designing the layout, and developing the content. Initially rolled out as a monthly print and online publication, RunningMoney became a weekly online-only publication with a revamp of its content.
From 2004-2007, I also helmed the daily online publication Ignites - for professionals in the mutual fund industry and sister publication to FundFire. The first year saw a complete overhaul of the systems, replacement of the development team, and overhaul of the sites. It was an interesting year.

RunningMoney profile of OppenheimerFunds -- click for PDF of issue.