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Charge for your content.


Need a strategic assessment of your potential for subscriptions and supplemental income? Let's turn to the audience with a review of your reader surveys and online metrics to build your plan - or build out those crucial items if you aren't conducting them already. And let's mine audience demographics to identify targets for advertising or other ancillary services.

Need to move your company culture to be more accepting of online? Let's get everyone singing from the same hymnal by creating a program that balances metrics with qualitative measures to align editorial and business needs.

Need to increase audience engagement? Let's implement Web 2.0 features to add your audience's voice to your content, which can be as simple as having live questions during a webinar or as complex as hosting moderated discussion forums.

Need to move your content online? Let's develop the best options to get you there - with well thought out options in all areas, from content management system platform selection through to email delivery.

Need to add video? Let's find or shoot material that we can edit to a format and length that works best for your audience.

Want to implement data feeds from third parties? Let's identify the best options for feeds and negotiate agreements that minimize your costs while maximizing the impact.

Need help fine tuning content? Let's discuss mentoring or having me pinch hit along your existing staff to improve your content - whether editing stories, writing articles, or producing video.