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Charge for your content.


Video Webinars
For FundFire and Ignites, I created a series of premium-priced sponsored video webinars. I pooled existing internal talent and found external vendors to quickly build out the product. The high quality editorial content drew audiences that exceeded our goals and retained an average of 80% of total audience through a 45-minute live video webinar. Panelist presentations were kept short to allow maximum focus on audience questions, asked live online. Residual questions at the end of the event were recycled into an existing editorial Q&A function on the sites - attracting further attention to the events.
To view a replay of the event (or a larger screen shot of the event's player, if no longer available), just click on the images below.

Click to view replay of Ignites roundtable discussion. Replay available until 10/22/11.
FundFire roundtable discussion targeting financial advisors. Replay available until 9/22/11.

Sponsored video webinar across multiple sites, plus non-subscriber access. Replay not available.